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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions you might have asked.

✅ Simplicity. With cloud mining, all you have to do is buy cloud mining power and you are on your way to making a profit.


✅ Economy. Thanks to cloud mining, you don’t have to spend money on buying, maintaining, and upgrading equipment, paying for electricity, and renting space.


✅ Reliability. By investing in AXIS GLOBAL ONLINE, you are sure that the data center is regularly serviced and the equipment is frequently updated to reduce the likelihood of its breakdown.


✅ Legality. AXIS GLOBAL ONLINE is an officially registered company. Our mining center is located in USA that has a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies. Because of this, cloud mining with AXIS GLOBAL ONLINE is very reliable and saves you from legal risks.

Computing power, or 'Hashrate', is measured in hashes per second, so it is simply a unit of measurement used to quantify the mining power of a machine working on a cryptographic algorithm. There are several units of measurement: 1 GH = 1 TRX

Buying your own mining machine remains in the long term “price / hashrate” ratio the offer to choose at first glance, but Cloud Mining would not exist if a few advantages did not make the difference. Cloud Mining is a service that was created to respond to a multitude of problems, the most clearly identifiable are of course material constraints, high heat, noise pollution, essential frequent maintenance, troubleshooting, replacement of defective components, updates of mining software, etc. There is therefore no real answer to this question, everyone defines their needs and their limits in this area of activity. There is no “good” or “bad”, just whether or not you subscribe to a service.

There are two ways to get additional hashpower at our service. The first option would be to buy new hashpower with the generated deposit tron (earnings) / to book or exchange them directly. We recommend this option, as there would be no delays or fees incurred by the trin network.

The second option would be to use our affiliate network. Simply invite new users via your Refferal link to our service and wait until they have acquired Hashpower or use our affiliate network themselves. You will then receive a percentage of the active hashpower of your invited users. We offer you a 2-level referral system.

We have tried to set the best limits and lowest fees for you. With success! Our mining center is active around the clock and generates bitcoins before hashpower is assigned to a user. This efficient solution gives us and you a lot of freedom

Min deposit price: 20 TRON

Max deposit price: 500000000 TRON

Min withdrawal: 10 TRON

Yes of course.

First rigester using your Tron wallet address 

And You get 3GHS of power and mining speed

You can withdraw 6% daily profit every day 

It should be noted that you can convert your profit to power from the Reinvest option, which leads to an increase in profit

By inviting your friends, you will benefit from the benefits of 10% direct commission that is added to the balance

You can see and install the best authentic Tron wallets in the link below 




Our suggestion is Trustwallet and TRONLINK


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